I wanted to share this blog post to help future students navigate their journey in the Computer Science program. In this post, I have compiled frequently asked questions that newly admitted international students often have. Whether it’s about the coursework, housing options, financial requirements, or assistantship opportunities, I aim to provide clarity and insights to ease any uncertainties. So, if you’re a prospective UH Computer Science student seeking answers, read on to find helpful information that can help resolve some of your doubts.

How is the Course Work of Masters in Computer Science at UH?

The coursework for a Master’s in Computer Science has different tracks that you can opt in. You degree requires you to complete atleast one track so that you can apply for gradutation. There are different tracks available in Masters Computer science program at UH.

These tracks include Core Track, Data Analytics Track, Parallel and Distributed Systems Track, Interactive Media Track

Each Track requires you to 
complete 4 courses in 
total from to specialize 
in that respective key area.

Each subject will give you 3 credits.
so you need to 
complete 10 subjects for 30 credits
to graduate (3 X 10) 
that inlcudes 4 track courses.

Learn more about the Program in below link. Program Link

Where do UH international students stay?

University of Houston offers various housing options for students, including on-campus residence halls and apartments. Additionally, many students choose to live off-campus in apartments or rental homes in the surrounding area. UH may provide resources and assistance to help students find suitable housing options both on and off-campus. Usally many Indian students stay in these apartments: scotland yard apartments,Harvest Hill apartments, Holly Holl apartments, 8181 Medcenter apartments and Stratford apartments.

What is the required amount that i need to show to visa officer?

It is very important to show proof of funds to the visa officer so that your visa is approved without any issues. The suggested amount to be shown to the visa officer at us embassy is 1.5x of your i20 amount in form loan and savings.

What are Types of Assistantships available at UH?

There are various types of assistantship avaiable at UH for graduate students.

Some assistantships provide you Non Resident Tution Fee(instate state) waiver where your actual fee is offsetted by 50% and also provides you with monthly Salary/Stipends. These assistantships are Instructional Assistant,Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant. Graduate assistantships on other hand will only give you salary.

Learn More about UH graduate assistantships

Non Resident Tution Fee Waiver Doc

What is the Total Course fee for MS CS at University of Houston?

The total course fee for the Master’s in Computer Science at UH can depend on several factors, including residency status (in-state or out-of-state), program length, and specific courses taken. It’s best to visit UH’s official website or contact the admissions or student services department for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding tuition and fees for the MS CS program.

How to Get Assistantships?

To secure assistantships at UH, the typical process involves applying for assistantship positions through the University’s CougarPathway job portal. CougarPathway can be accessed through your UH account, where you will find job postings specifically for assistantships. Additionally, networking and seeking referrals from senior students already working in the department you are interested in can be beneficial in finding assistantship opportunities.

You will find Cougarpathway in your access uh account where you can find the job posting for assistantships. CougarPathway

How to register for a Course?

To register for a course, you will need to log in to your UH account. Click on ‘My UH Self Service’ and select ‘Manage Classes.’ From there, choose the ‘Shopping Cart’ option. Search for your desired subjects and add them to your shopping cart. Once you have added all the courses, proceed to the checkout.

Please note that you can only register for classes during the designated enrollment period. To find out when the course registration begins, refer to the UH academic calendar for more details.”