This post lists and describes the aws services briefly.

AWS Inspector :

For vulnerability scanning in EC2 instance and container and unintended network access. Can be integrated with AWS organizations

AWS Control Tower:

For security and compliance of your organization. Used for setting up Preventive guard rails using SCP’s and Detective guard rails using AWS Config. Provides Interactive dashboard for policy violations across different accounts

Amazon Guard Duty:

Threat detection service that continuously monitors your aws accounts and workloads for malicious activity and detects security findings for visibility and remediation.

AWS Security Hub:

Used for aggregating data from different aws security services and can perform remediations. (Security Services include Amazon Inspector, Firewall Manager, Amazon Guard Duty, IAM analyzer, Amazon Macie, AWS health)

AWS Config:

To continually assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations and relationships of your resources on AWS, on premises, and on other clouds.

AWS Cloud HSM:

Cloud based hardware security service that enables you to generate cryptographic keys and use your own encryption keys.

Uses FIPS 140–2 level 3 Standard.